July 29, 2011

Account set up with ScoringAg Traceback Software

Setting up an account with ScoringAg for all you’re traceable produce, products, and livestock is easily done in 4 steps. The following power point guide shows the step by step process with screen shots to quickly and easily set up your livestock and or agriculture account in ScoringAg.

If you have any questions on the software, database or any other inquiry, please feel free to contact me at anytime for immediate assistance.

ScoringAg’s SSI-EID Traceback system has no comparison or competition from any supplier that can actually provide a complete all-in-one reliable and compliant archival traceability system.
Would you like to see a live demo of the web based software or free live support to set up an account? I am always available for complete support by phone, email or remote set up.

Important Note: Please enter SPID 0224509 in the registration set up of your account, this will enable me to provide you with free live support.

As an independent RFID consultant in the animal ID industry, I can recommend and give on hand experience on the current RFID readers and tags that are in the market place today, along with tips and methods to maximize the true value of Radio Frequency Identification, as well as barcode and visual tagging practices.

ScoringAg is the only web based traceback software and database that is fully compliant with all FDA, USDA, and international health and food standards. This alone is an extremely valuable asset in software, and this is included at no extra charge. ScoringAg diligently and constantly monitors its secure servers and encryption data for reliability.

One ScoringAg account can be used for produce, agriculture, livestock, machinery, wine, transport and many other perishable products that need to have a complete traceback to point of origin.

Point to point tracking in the ScoringAg database can be done with all the latest technology, from RFID to 2D barcodes.

Did you know that many industry leading companies worldwide use ScoringAg for their complete traceback software? ask me for details on how ScoringAg adds value, integrity and trust to the food supply chain distribution.

With Site-Specific Recordkeeping technology, ScoringAg provides complete traceback of animal or crop movements through the supply chain in real time. 

(C) Copyright 2011 George Luker, All Rights Reserved.


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